Addons: Maps

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Addons: Maps

K.R. Engineering games support addons. Addons do not require updating the table, you merely buy the new addon and then install it into your game and you can instantly use it.

Map addons are available for the following games:

  • Triumph


The addon map packs are NOT OBJECTS. You will only receive a notecard containing the information on this page when purchasing a theme. When you purchase a theme, it is entered automatically into our database and becomes instantly available to any compatible tables you have. Simply follow the installation instructions below.


Addon support requires a recent version of your table that supports Gaming.SL. If you do not see a Gaming.SL logo on your game, then buying an addon will not work for you.


Addons only have to be purchased once to work with all compatible tables. If you have two or more Gaming.SL enabled tables from K.R. Engineering that both support the same addon, then you only have to buy the addon once and it will install onto both tables.


  • After purchasing an addon map pack from the K.R. Engineering store, you can install it onto any compatible table by touching the Gaming.SL logo and selecting the "G.SL Sync" button.
    • The table will do this automatically once every 12 hours if you do not do it manually, so if it has been a long time since you purchased the addon this may have already happened.
    • The table will inform you that it has installed new addons after syncing if it has not already installed them before.
  • Now simply access your Maps menu (available through the Admin Menu on your table) and select the map pack you wish to use.