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Stay Informed!

You can now follow K.R. Engineering on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed on new product announcements, updates, contests and more! Click on one of the icons below to be taken to our pages.

Facebook Icon.png Twitter Icon.png

These services have been added to supplement the in-world Consumer Group for announcements. The in-world Consumer Group is NOT being taken away and will continue to receive the same announcements that are posted on these other services. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are being employed as alternate methods of staying of informed, they are not designed to replace any existing systems. If you are not currently part of the in-world consumer group in Second Life, you can join it for free by opening the Search window of your Second Life viewer and entering "K.R. Engineering Consumer Group" into the search box.

You are heavily encouraged to join the Consumer Group in Second Life even if you also subscribe to Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ as free gifts and use of discount vendors in the store are controlled through this group.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not answer support questions through our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter page. If you need support for a K.R. Engineering product, please see our Store Policies page.