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Equipped K.R. Engineering games contain two methods for awarding game winners with bounty for their efforts. The first method is the Internal Prize Server built into the game. This is a very limited prize system that allows the game to accept buy-ins AND/OR accepting bets. Please see the Legal Disclaimer below for information pertaining to the legality of using these with any given game. The second method is known as External Prize Servers. These are objects which listen to a special API that is broadcast by all K.R. Engineering games about game events, such as playings joining and leaving, games being won, changes in scores, and so forth. See the Basic or Advanced prize server sections below for more information on External Prize Servers.


If your game still has these options after August 1st, 2014, you will be in violation of the Second Life terms of service and your account may be subject to penalties, up to and including account suspension or termination. See the Skill Gaming wiki page for more information on why and how to make your game safe to use again.

Internal Prize Server

To access the Internal Prize Server features of the game, access the Administration menu on your game and choose the Prizes option. Below is a list of the buttons and options you are likely to see on the Prizes menu and what they do. Both owners and administrative users are allowed to change these options. Because of this, the internal prize server lacks options that would allow any administrative user to take money from the owner of the table. There are no options to simply pay out cash to the winner, all payouts are based on money that is first taken in as a buy-in or a bet, and no more than 100% of that money may be paid back out again.

  • DONE: Closes the menu, does nothing else.
  • ExtAPI OFF: This option will disable the external API on the game. External prize servers will no longer work in any capacity for this table if you turn this off, as it disables all outgoing communication.
  • ExtAPI ON: Turns the external prize server API back on.
  • Buy-In ON: Turns on the buy-in feature for the game. Players will be required to pay an amount of Lindens into the game before they are allowed to play. This DOES NOT necessarily mean the winner will get anything for winning, this can be configured purely as a pay-to-play feature, where the owner retains all fees.
  • Buy-In OFF: Disable the buy-in feature.
  • Buy-In: Change the amount of buy-in that is required to play the game.
  • Betting ON: Enable betting on the game. Betting has a great many options that effect the timing and payout of betting.
  • Betting OFF: Disable the betting feature on this game.
  • Rake: Adjust the house rake percentage. A rake of 0% means the winner takes all funds. A rake of 100% means the owner keeps all funds and the winner gets nothing. May not go below 0% or above 100%.
  • Open ON: Enable open betting. With this enabled, players may bet at any time during the game, as often as they wish.
  • Open OFF: Disable open betting. With open betting off, players may only bet when the game deems it is appropriate, such as between rounds.
  • Max Bet: Change the maximum bet. The maximum bet dictates the largest possible bet that players can make.
  • Min Bet: Change the minimum bet. Thie minimum bet dictates what the smallest possible bet is that players may make.
  • Match ON: With Matching enabled, betting continues until all players have bet the same amount. This means that players may increase the bet over other players, forcing them to match.
  • Match OFF: Disable bet matching. With this disabled, betting ends after all players have bet, regardless of whether it was the same amount. The amount of each player must still fall between the minimum and maximum set bets.
  • Part. ON: Enabled participation requirement. In games where betting is optional, such as open betting, this feature requires that the person who won the game to have participated in betting at some point during the game, otherwise they get nothing, even if other players had bet.
  • Part. OFF: Disable the participation requirement.

Legal Disclaimer

As of the writing of this, it is a violation of the Second Life Terms of Service for the prize server to award prizes of any value (L$ or objects otherwise considered to have value) to game winners if the winner of that game had to pay a 'consideration' (pay-to-play fee) to the game in order to participate if the game is a game of chance rather than a game of skill. Novelty objects or other prizes of little or no value may be given to players as prizes LEGALLY if consideration was taken. If no consideration is taken (free to play) your prize server may do whatever you wish. K.R. Engineering can not be held liable if you choose to use it in a way that violates this policy.

Skill Vs. Chance

There is not a clear answer on what constitutes a game of skill versus a game of chance, and the Lindens are loathe to clarify this for a variety of reasons. As a general guideline, if it uses any game elements that can be randomized, such as dice or cards, then its legality is suspect. Some card games and some dice games can still be considered games of skill, but if the winner of the game is overwhelmingly determined by the randomness of the game elements versus actions that the players must take and decisions that they must make, then it probably falls under a game of chance.

If the game has no elements that are randomized, then it is completely legal to gamble on in any way you see fit. Games that fall under this category would be games such as Chess or Khet, where the outcome of the game is based purely on how the players manipulate the playing pieces.

External Prize Servers

See Basic Prize Server page for information on setup and usage.

See Advanced Prize Server page for information on setup and usage.

See Jackpot Prize Server page for information on setup and usage.

If you don't have a copy of the Prize Server, you can obtain one from the K.R. Engineering main store for 1 Linden.