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Game Rezzer System


The latest versions of K.R. Engineering games use an on-demand rezzing system for playing. Rather than rezzing a game directly, you rez one or more themed game rezzers. These themed game rezzers may be tables, hot tubs, or any other mesh furniture objects that are capable of rezzing games.

All game licenses come with a free copy of the standard game rezzer system, a wooden Octagon-shaped gaming table. It is not necessary to purchase any additional rezzers, but many are available if you wish to have a different piece of furniture to play your games upon.

To use a themed rezzer you must own a license for each game you wish to play. For example, if you wish to play Greedy Greedy then you must purchase a Greedy Greedy license. A license grants you the right to have 1 copy of Greedy Greedy rezzed and in use at any given time, on any compatible rezzer, at any location. If you wish to play Greedy Greedy at another location, you can shut down the running version of Greedy and then run it at another location. Since the license transfers in this case, all scores, addons, settings, and other features of the previous game transfer with it.

If you wish to run more than 1 copy of the same game at the same time, you are able to purchase additional licenses. For example, 2 licenses allows you to have 2 of the game running at the same time.

Both the themed game rezzers and the games themselves are copyable, so it is not a big deal if you delete them. Games that are deleted rather than shut down properly will not save their settings, but you will not lose your license or the game. Licenses that were improperly shut down will automatically unload after 1 hour. You can also force a license reload sooner than an hour if you wish by loading a new instance of the same game on a rezzer.

How to Use

For players, the themed rezzer system will be indistinguishable from a standalone game. Players can simply sit on the furniture that comprises the themed game rezzer and play the game as normal.

For game owners, all controls over the themed rezzing system (including loading and unloading games) are accessed from the Administration Menu of the rezzer.

Rezzer Administration

To access the rezzer's administrative menu, simply click and hold your mouse button down on any part of it for 2 seconds and a menu will pop up on your screen displaying current settings and providing options to change them. (In slow simulators, this may take slighter longer than 2 seconds, just hold the mouse button down until you see a menu.)

If you have a game already active on the rezzer, you may accidentally open the GAME's administrative menu instead of the REZZER's administrative menu, depending on where you clicked. This is okay! If you are in the GAME's admin menu, you can switch directly over to the REZZER's admin menu by pressing the "↙ Rezzer" button. Likewise if you open the REZZER menu by mistake, and wish to switch over to the GAME menu, you can simply press the "Game ↗" button.

Some elements of the administration menu are accessible only by the owner, while others can be accessed by anyone who is considered an administrative user, either explicitly added or implicitly through the Group Admin feature.

There are too many options to fit in a standard dialog window, so the window has been divided into pages. You can use the <<< and >>> buttons at the bottom of the admin menu to change which page of options you are currently viewing. If you don't see the option you want then it is on another page!

Owner-Only Options

  • Add Admin: Use this button to add a single Second Life avatar to the list of approved administrative users. This person will have most of the same control as the owner does over the rezzer AND any active games.
  • Rem Admin: Remove an administrative user from the rezzer and any games run by this rezzer.
  • Admins: See a list of current administrative users.
  • Update: Request the latest version of the game rezzer from the server.
  • Branding: Set a custom branding image to be displayed beneath games when in use. Optionally includes a custom normal and specular map.
  • Theme: Change texture and color options for this themed game rezzer.
  • Short Hold: Admin menu opens after clicking and holding for at least 2 seconds.
  • Long Hold: Admin menu opens after clicking and holding for at least 4 seconds.
  • G.Admin On: Enable Group Admin setting. This allows anyone who is in the same group as the rezzer to be considered an administrative user. This also applies to any active game on this rezzer.
  • G.Admin Off: Disable Group Admin setting. This also applies to any active game on this rezzer.

Administrative User Options

  • Games: Load or unload a game on this rezzer. If you load a game that you don't have a license for, it will appear, but it won't be playable.
  • Gaming.SL: Access the Gaming.SL menu.
  • Key: Get the rezzer's Second Life UUID, if for some reason you need it. This is NOT a Gaming.SL license key, just the SLUUID assigned to it at rez.
  • Volume High: Set volume to 100%. This will also apply to any active game on this rezzer.
  • Volume Low: Set volume to 50%. This will also apply to any active game on this rezzer.
  • Volume Off: Set volume to 0%. This will also apply to any active game on this rezzer.
  • G.Play On: Restrict non-group members from playing at this rezzer.
  • G.Play Off: Allow anyone to play at this rezzer, whether they are in the rezzer's group or not.
  • Restore On: Defaults to on. When players sit at this rezzer, they will return to the same pose they had last time they were seated.
  • Restore Off: Players will always start with the default pose.
  • Game ↗: If you have a game currently active on the rezzer, this button will open the game's administrative menu instead of the rezzer's menu.
  • Align: If you have a game currently active, pressing this button will cause the active game to snap back into place with the rezzer if you have accidentally moved them apart.

Theme Specifics

While many features of themed gaming rezzers are universal, some themes may have additional features or options.