Getting Started

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Getting Started

If you are new to owning a K.R. Engineering game or have upgraded from an older game version, then this is the section for you! Here we will try to address some common stumbling blocks that people encounter when they're new.

Where is my game?

If you just purchased a new game, you may be wondering where the actual game is. Our new system uses a rezzer, and the games are all inside the rezzer! You should find the item in your inventory that is called "K.R. Engineering Game System" and rez that into the world. Once you've got that, simply click and hold your mouse button on it for a few seconds, and a menu should appear. Choose "Games" and select the game you want to play. For more information, see the Game Rezzer System section.

Why does my game say it does not have a license?

If you have activated a game on your rezzer and it will not play because of a lack of license, then there are a couple possibilities.

  • You may not own a license for that game! Game rezzer systems come with all K.R. Engineering Games, but they do not include a license for all games! You only have licenses that you have purchased from the K.R. Engineering store. If you purchase Greedy Greedy for example, it will come with a game rezzer system that includes all other games, but you will only be able to play Greedy Greedy until you purchase additional licenses.
  • If you are sure you own a license, then you may have improperly shutdown a previous copy of the game, or left a copy of the game loaded somewhere else in Second Life. A license only allows you to run 1 copy of that game at any time. If you want to run more copies, you need to own multiple licenses for the same game. In either of these cases, you can still play your game by touching the Gaming.SL Logo on the table, and choosing "G.SL Force." This will tell the server that you wish to use your license on THIS copy of the game, even if it is already in use elsewhere! If you do this, any copy of the game elsewhere in Second Life that was using that license will cease to be playable as the license is taken away and given to the new copy of the game.

Can I use my license with other rezzers?

Yes! Your game licenses can be used on any K.R. Engineering game rezzer system that is purchased from our store. There are many styles to choose from and more added on a regular basis! The game comes with a standard table to play on, but you can purchase other rezzer systems to use as well.