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Gift Cards

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K.R. Engineering now supports Gift Cards in the store in denominations from L$100 to L$5000. These Gift Cards can be redeemed automatically at the store by simply touching any of our vendors (third party "guest" vendors are not included). After touching one of our vendors, simply choose 'CREDIT' from the menu that pops up. Any store credit that you have in your name (Gift Cards, Reward Points, Prizes, etc...) will automatically be applied to your purchase.

Things You Should Know

  • Gift Cards can not be redeemed for Linden Dollars, in whole or in part.
  • Gift Cards are non-refundable.
  • The Gift Card vendor will not notify the recipient that they have received a Gift Card, we leave that up to you!
  • When purchasing a Gift Card, you will be prompted for the name (or key) of the person you wish to send the Gift Card to. After you complete your purchase, you will be given a folder containing a notecard and a Gift Card Object. The Gift Card Object that you receive HAS NO ACTUAL VALUE OR FUNCTION. The value of the Gift Card you purchase is available immediately to the person you bought it for, even if you never give them the object. The object is merely a fun way to notify them that you have purchased them a gift card, and includes a notecard of information on how best to redeem it if they click on the card. The value of the card cannot be lost. Even if you delete the card object, they can still redeem it at the store.
  • Gift Cards are non-transferable! I realize that seems counter-intuitive, but the Gift Card Object that you receive can be given to another person (ideally the person you buy it for), however, the value of the gift card does not transfer with the object and is not tied to it in any way. The value of the gift card is forever linked to the person you originally bought it for as a store credit, and store credit is non-transferable!
  • Gift Cards are stackable! If you don't see a denomination that you want, you can mix and match. If you buy a L$1000 Gift Card and a L$500 Gift Card for the same person, they will have L$1500 total store credit to use when they redeem because both cards can be used simultaneously.
  • Gift Cards DO NOT EXPIRE.

How To Redeem

To redeem the value of a Gift Card, simply visit the K.R. Engineering store and click on any K.R. Engineering vendor. After clicking on the vendor, you should see a menu with a 'CREDIT' button. Touch that CREDIT button and follow the instructions in chat.

Our vendors support partial credit purchases. If the amount of your gift card is less than what you want to buy, you can still use it, you will just pay the difference. If your gift card covers the whole purchase, then the purchase will happen immediately and you're all set!

  • Gift Cards are not required to be rezzed or attached to redeem. In fact, you can safely delete the card and still redeem it at our store! You can't lose it!
  • Gift Cards are not redeemable for Linden Dollars. They can only be redeemed for merchandise from the K.R. Engineering store.
  • Gift Cards are not redeemable on the Second Life Marketplace.

Questions & Support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the purchase or redemption of a Gift Card, please see our Store Policies page for more information on contacting our customer support.

Legal Disclaimer

Gift Cards from K.R. Engineering are guaranteed only for the duration of Second Life. If Second Life ceases to exist for any reason, then any unredeemed K.R. Engineering store credit (including Gift Cards) is considered unrecoverable.