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Mancala is a classic board game played for thousands of years across the world. Played with 48 beads, your goal is to collect as many of these beads as possible for yourself. The player who collects the most beads wins the game.


See the Purchasing page for information on obtaining this product in Second Life.


That's right! As an owner of Mancala, you are entitled to free updates to future versions of Mancala for as long as you own the product (and as long as Second Life exists). Simply touch the game board and click Settings->Update to check for new updates.

Game Play

To play Mancala, simply touch the game board anywhere that isn't a bowl. A menu will appear on your screen, from which you can choose PLAY to join the game as long as there are not already 2 players playing.

The game begins automatically as soon as the first player makes a move. Players may quit and be replaced during the game if desired.

The current turn is indicated by the glowing home bowls (the large bowls on each side).

On your turn, simply touch a bowl of beads on your side of the board to make a move. You cannot play from an empty bowl, nor can you play from one of your opponent's bowls. Your side of the board is the side with the arrow pointing TOWARD your home bowl.

When you play from a bowl of beads, that bowl is emptied and the beads that were in it are deposited 1 at a time in each subsequent bowl around the board, moving in a clockwise direction. Beads are deposited in your own home bowl, but not those of your opponent (your opponent's home bowl is skipped). The game will handle this for you automatically.

If the last bead from a bowl is deposited into your home bowl, then you get another turn! If it ends on any other bowl, then the turn passes to your opponent. This is important strategy for winning the game. Well executed plays during the game can result in having multiple bowls with the correct number of beads in them to play all of them on the same turn.

If the last bead from a bowl lands in an empty bowl on your side of the board, you get to collect that bead immediately and deposit it into your home bowl to increase your score. As a bonus, you also collect any beads from the adjacent bowl on your opponent's side of the board. The game will handle this for you automatically if your last bead lands in a qualifying empty bowl.

The game is over when one player successfully empties all of the bowls on their side of the board, and the player with the highest number of beads in their home bowl wins the game!

When one player successfully empties their row of all beads, any beads remaining in their opponent's row get collected into their opponent's home bowl and added to their score.


Mancala board owners can touch the Mancala game and choose "Settings" from the menu to change options on the game. The following options are available:

  • Timeout On: Enable game timeout. Game will automatically reset after an hour of no moves being made.
  • Timeout Off: Disable timeout option.
  • Quiet On: Disable some of the game's local chat output so it is less spammy.
  • Quiet Off: Allow all local chat from the game.
  • Names On: Show names of active players as floating text above their own score bowls while a game is in progress.
  • Names Off: Do not show player names as floating text.
  • Counts On: Show the number of beads in each bowl as floating text while a game is in progress.
  • Counts Off: Do not show number of beads in each bowl as floating text.
  • Scale: Resize the game board from 0.5m to 2.8m in size. WARNING: Like all mesh objects, the land impact of the game will increase as it gets bigger, and decrease as it gets smaller!
  • Colors: Change the colors of the game board.
  • Update: Check for newer versions of Mancala.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wiki FAQ Q Icon.png Do you offer upgrades on my version of Mancala?

  • Yes, upgrades are available for ALL versions.

Wiki FAQ Q Icon.png How do I get my game upgraded?

  • If your table is v2.0 or newer, touch the game board, choose "Settings" and then "Update."
  • If your table is older than v2.0, please contact us for assistance in updating your Mancala game.

Purchases & Replacements

Wiki FAQ Q Icon.png My object got returned, and now it is gone, it never came back! Can I get a replacement?

  • Your object is probably not actually lost, just hidden! This is a feature of Second Life. When more than one object gets returned from a parcel at the same time, then Second Life does not send them back to your inventory as individual objects. Instead, it will bundle them all together into a single package. This package/bundle will appear in your Lost and Found folder as one inventory item, even if there are 5, 10 or 100 objects actually inside of it. The bundle/package will only show the name of the FIRST item in the bundle while it is in your inventory. To see what else is inside this bundle you will have to rez it. We recommend finding a sandbox to do this in to be sure that there are enough prims available for whatever happens to be inside the bundle. Some additional things to look out for:
    • Because bundles only show the name of the FIRST item in the bundle and nothing else, this means that the inventory search bar at the top of your inventory window will not help you, as it cannot search inside of bundles.
    • Bundles should have a different icon next to them than single objects do. This is often represented as a stack of smaller boxes, rather than a single large box.
    • If you can't find your missing objects, you should try clearing your inventory cache in your viewer preferences. This is usually under the "Network & Files" or "Network & Cache" tabs in most viewers. Look for the "Clear Inventory Cache" button, not the standard "Clear Cache" button as that only clears texture caches. You will have to close and restart Second Life after clearing your inventory cache.
    • Returned objects NEVER go back to their creator, they only go back to their OWNER. This is a false rumor. Second Life simply does not work that way, nor has it ever.
    • As a general rule, you should never return anything that you want to keep. Return is for taking out the trash, it's like a bulldozer clearing a lot for new construction. It is not a tool of finesse, and is known to eat objects. Always remember to properly TAKE things that you care about, and only RETURN if you have other copies of the object or don't care if you lose it.
  • If following the above advice does not allow you to find your missing object, you can likely still get a replacement. For older transferable tables, we recommend visiting our store and touching the MIGRATE sign on the wall. This will convert all of your existing transferable game tables over to our new copyable game system, so that you can't lose them again in the future. This should work even if you've lost your game table. When made copyable, they will also show up on our store's redelivery terminal.

Wiki FAQ Q Icon.png I found someone reselling your products, is that allowed?

  • I do not have a reseller program at this time. However, many of my products are transferable and this allows anyone to resell that game to someone else, much as you would at a garage sale or flea market. Unfortunately, often times these tables are counterfeit and I cannot guarantee the same level of support on a used table as I can on a new table. You automatically assume some risk when purchasing used. For example, if there is a failed delivery, it will be up to you to resolve it with the used reseller, I won't be able to help you since it wasn't purchased from me. Likewise, old tables that are purchased used may not be able to be updated to newer versions. There's also the possibility it is a straight up scam, and you will receive nothing for your money. I cannot guarantee the legitimacy of "used" products that are sold by a third party, as I have no affiliation with them. Buyer beware.

Wiki FAQ Q Icon.png My object is missing and I don't know what happened to it. Can I get a replacement?

  • First, you should verify that the item is actually missing! This seems obvious, but sometimes people look in the wrong places. Here are some common mistakes people make when looking for lost items:
    • If you are using the inventory search bar at the top of your inventory window, make sure you are searching by the product name and not the brand name. For example, if you're trying to find your Greedy table, make sure you search for Greedy, do not search for any variation of K.R. Engineering, because the brand name is not in the name. The objects are named "Greedy Greedy Table v2.75" and NOT "K.R. Engineering Greedy Greedy Table v2.75" so they will not show up when searching for brand.
    • Do not rely on the "Recent" tab in your inventory window, as this will often not show items that you expect to be 'recent', such as newly purchased items. To verify your object is actually missing, always go to correct folder in your main "Inventory" tab.
    • Verify that you are not looking in an old folder or box. Each time you update your Greedy game, for example, you will have a new folder with a new game in it, and if you haven't deleted your old folders (from before the update) then you may find yourself having multiple folders all called "K.R. Engineering Greedy Greedy (boxed)."
  • When an object actually goes "missing" in Second Life, the next thing you should do is clear your inventory cache. There are two versions of your inventory; the one that the server knows about and the one that your computer knows about. Sometimes these can be end up being different due to communication errors between the server and your computer, and clearing your inventory cache forces your computer to update what it thinks is in your inventory to be the same as what the server thinks is in your inventory. Very often objects will reappear after doing this, especially objects that were lost due to 'failed to rez' errors.
  • If you still can't find your missing object, there's a good chance that it was returned to you at some point by the owner of the land you last rezzed it on or even by Second Life itself, such as when a parcel goes over prim limits. In this case, your object should be in your Lost and Found folder and just needs to be moved back to its normal folder, BUT it may be hidden! This is a feature of Second Life, and you can read about it in our FAQ on returned objects.
  • If following the above advice does not allow you to find your missing object, you can contact us to ask for a replacement. In most cases we will be able to provide a replacement as long as your table was purchased from us originally. If you bought your object used from a third-party reseller, we may have no record of it.

Wiki FAQ Q Icon.png Can I get a discount if I buy a lot of something?

  • Rather than a bulk discount, our vendors now offer a rewards bonus for each purchase in the form of store credit. This reward bonus can be used towards the purchase of other items in the store. To see how much store credit you currently have just touch the CREDIT sign in the store, or view the "My Credit" page on the Gaming.SL Live website.

Wiki FAQ Q Icon.png I bought something and everything is in the folder except for the actual product!

  • This can actually never happen, but there are many common reasons it might APPEAR to be that way! Here some of the most common reasons:
    1. If this is a newer version of a game you previously owned and updated, you may be looking in an old folder or box from your previous table, make sure that you don't have multiple folders/boxes and verify that you are looking in the most recent one.
    2. If you are using the search bar at the top of your inventory window, you will need to search by the product's name, not our company name. For example if you purchased Greedy Greedy, try searching for Greedy, do not search for K.R. Engineering because the object name is "Greedy Greedy Table vx.xx", there's no "K.R. Engineering" in the name of the game table like there is in the name of other things in the folder.
    3. Do not use the "Recent" tab on your inventory window. The ways of the Recent tab are mysterious and shadowy, it does not always show you everything that's been added to your inventory recently. Look for the folder in your normal Inventory tab.
    4. You may have gotten the item and then subsequently misplaced it unknowingly. This is a "feature" of Second Life. It occurs whenever you attempt to rez a folder full of objects all at once in some Second Life Viewers, by dragging the folder out of your inventory instead of individual items. When this happens, Second Life interprets this as "put this folder of stuff INSIDE whatever I dropped it on." In this case, you have everything except the game/product because it is transfer-only, and everything else in the folder is copyable. Your game/product is inside whatever prim you dropped it on, probably your floor or rug, for example.
      • This can also occur if you press the CTRL button on your keyboard when dragging and dropping just the table by itself.
      • There may be other ways to do this that are not listed here, depending on the viewer you are using, but the end result is the same.
      • Also keep in mind, it is inside the PRIM you dropped it on, not the OBJECT you dropped it on, even if you dropped it on a prim that is in a linked object. You will probably have to enable "Edit Linked Parts" in your build window to look in individual prims, rather than whole objects.
      • It is possible you put the game/product inside an object that you don't own, for example if it is a group owned object or if you have modify rights on someone else's objects (such as your significant other). If this is the case, you don't own it anymore as ownership is transferred to the person who owns the object it is inside of. You may have to ask them to retrieve it for you and return it to you.
      • If you are unable to locate the item, or are unsure how to look for it, please let us know and we will be happy to help you look for it. If we also can't find it then we can usually replace the lost table.


Gambling on Mancala is no longer allowed under the new Skill Gaming policy announced by Linden Lab on July 10th, 2014.


  • Version 2.0 [January 2017]:
    • Initial re-release.
  • Version 2.01 [January 2017]:
    • Fixed a typo in game menu that incorrectly labeled Player 2 as Player 3.