On-A-Roll (History)

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History of On-A-Roll


On-A-Roll was devised by two men in 1993. World Research Company of Tyler, Texas was approached about manufacturing the game as they had all of the necessary equipment already. World Research specializes in Dry Erase products which is why the On-A-Roll game board is a green dry-erase board that has the game printed onto it. When it was launched it was briefly featured in a printed magazine.


On-A-Roll is no longer manufactured as of March 2009. World Research cites lack of interest in the product as the reason it is no longer manufactured.

Sad Facts

On-A-Roll was discontinued because the company has never had much interest in promoting it. After being featured in the magazine for a few months in 1993, it was dropped and has been completely ignored by them since then for all marketing purposes. The exposure it has gotten in Second Life is probably the most exposure it has ever had. There has never been a website for it, you could never find it in stores, the only way anyone knew that it existed was to call and order it over the phone, and you had to know to specifically ask for it by name because it was not part of the official company catalog. I brought this up with them again as I have done several times before and was met with more disinterest. This great game is just disappearing because the manufacturer lacked interest in it, not because the consumers lack interest in it. This game has been in our family for a decade, and is probably now a collector's item.

World Research Shuts Down

As of April 2014, World Research Company of Tyler, Texas has ceased operations entirely.