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Player Experience


At K.R. Engineering, we believe that playing games in Second Life is about more than just the game. It is about socializing and enjoying the game the way you like it. To that end, our game tables incorporate features that go beyond game mechanics. Once you are seated at one of our game tables, a number of options become available to customize your experience.

These options most frequently include camera and animation controls, but may also include other features that are theme specific. To access these features at any time you can click on the chair you are seated in, OR press the MENU button if a game is loaded on the theme.


Our themes will store your custom settings on our web server, so that the next time you sit down to play on the same themed game system it will automatically restore your previous settings. Your avatar seating position, your camera settings, your last chosen animation, etc. will be saved and reloaded.

This applies to all instances of the same theme. If you sit down at a Hot Tub theme and choose a new animation, then stand up and move to a different Hot Tub theme in a different region, it will still remember your settings!


The animations available will vary from theme to theme and are shown in the menu. Press the numbered button that corresponds to the animation you wish to use.

There may be more animations than can fit on a single 'page' of the menu. Use the >>> and <<< buttons to turn pages and see more animation options.

If you are using a couples animation and your animation becomes out of sync, you can press the SYNC button to try and get them back together. This can happen because animations in Second Life are played CLIENT-SIDE and sometimes they do not start playing at the same time or speed depending on internet connection and computer hardware.

Seating Position

From the animation menu, you can press the ADJUST button to change your avatar's seating position, including scooting forward, back, up, or down. Press RESET to restore to the default seating position.

Camera View

From the animation menu, press the CAMERA button to change your camera view. There are multiple settings here with different effects.

  • Save Default: If you are the theme owner, you can press this button to save your current camera settings as the default that all players will start with until they change it.
  • Disable: Turn off control over your camera. The game will not attempt to control the position of your camera in any way.
  • Third: Use a third-person perspective of the game, looking over your shoulder.
  • Birdseye: Use a top-down perspective of the game.
  • Persp. On: Enabled perspective-based camera. By default, the camera always appears from the perspective of "player 1" on the game, so everyone sees the same game perspective, which is generally the most readable and functional way to view many games. However, if you turn this on then the camera will be rotated so that you're looking at the game from the position your avatar is seated at, instead of the player 1 position. If you are seated opposite of player 1, this may make the game appear "upside down."
  • Persp. Off: Disable perspective-based camera. When off, the game will always be viewed from the perspective of Player 1, and not your own seating location.
  • Zoom In: Move your camera view closer to the game.
  • Zoom Out: Move your camera view farther from the game.

It is important to note that your camera can be overridden at any time by you. If you decide to move your camera, the game will always let go. If you are pressing camera buttons and nothing seems to be working then your camera may have been 'taken away from' the game at some point. To fix this, simply press the ESC key on your keyboard a couple times. This will cancel any manual control over your camera that you have done and let the game control it again.