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Prize Server

Prize Server for Content Creators

What is it?

The K.R. Engineering Prize Server is an example open-source implementation of how to implement an awards system for K.R. Engineering Games.

K.R. Engineering Games that have their External API turned on will automatically attempt to communicate with any servers in the region that have the Server Module API script in them (included with this server). This allows game owners to implement high score boards, tournament counters, novelty prize awards or anything else they wish to do based on the outcome of a game. Please read the documentation in the "K.R. Engineering Prize Server (Full Perm)" script inside the prize server for more information. K.R. Engineering & Associates can not be held responsible if you choose to use this API in a way that violates the Skill Gaming Policy or other Terms of Service.

Is this legal under the new Skill Gaming policy?

Depends! The Prize server is not a complete implementation, it is merely an example script for you to expand upon for your own purposes. You can use this script in ways that do not violate the skill gaming policy (such as awarding objects, or awarding money for contests or games that did not require the player to pay in). You can also use it in ways that DO if you add more code to it, as it is open source. You are responsible for any code you add to this script being compliant with the Skill Gaming policy.

The Code

Click here to see the open-source prize server script.

Jackpot Prize Server

What is it?

The Jackpot Prize Server is an implementation of a complete prize server based on the K.R. Engineering Game Prize API built into K.R. Engineering Games. This has been available for some time with the regular prize server which includes both the API script as well as an open source example script for extending it to do anything you want based on game events. However, many people are not comfortable with modifying scripts, so the Jackpot Prize Server is now available with a complete user interface and a variety of features built on top of the API. The Jackpot server implementation is closed source, but it is built on top of the same exact API that is available in the open source prize server example.

No really, what is it?

The Jackpot Prize Server will track the top scores for a given table or type of game (such as Greedy Greedy, SLopoly, etc) and after a specified number of days have elapsed (default is 1 day) then it will pay a prize to the people or persons with the highest score(s). A prize may be given for up to the top ten scores, but only required for the top 1. A variety of options are available to customize the behavior.

Is this legal under the new Skill Gaming policy?

Yes! As long as it is used in conjunction with a table that does not accept money from players. The jackpot prize server is totally legal for awarding merit-based (top score) players with anything you like, as long as they did not have to pay any money in to the game or to you to qualify for the jackpot board.

External API

To use any K.R. Engineering prize server, the game you wish to use it with must have its External API option turned on. Please see the instructions for your game on how to access the Administration menu to turn this feature on.


Touch the jackpot prize server (hereafter just 'server') to open the admin menu, owner only. Depending on which options you have enabled, you may not see all of the options discussed below.

  • Game: Change the game that this jackpot server monitors, such as Greedy Greedy or Simopolis or Pentadee.
  • Days: Adjust the interval of the jackpot payout. 1 day means a daily prize, 2 days means the cumulative high scores over the course of 48 hours will determine the jackpot, and so on. May not set lower than 1 day.
  • Clear: Erase all current high scores.
  • Target: Adjust the target score for the jackpot. If the winning score is below this target score, then it is not eligible to be entered into the jackpot. Set to 0 to disable target scoring.
  • Jackpots: Change the number and value of jackpot placings. You may have up to 10 jackpot placings by entering comma-separated prizes for each placing. For example, if you just enter 1000 then there will be 1 placing that is worth 1000 Lindens, whoever has the very highest score. If you enter 1000,500,250, there will be a 2nd Place prize for the next highest score as well, worth 500 Lindens, and a 3rd Place prize for the third highest score worth 250 Lindens.
  • Unique ON: Players may only win a single placing on the jackpot. If they attain a new, higher score, then their old score will be removed and replaced by the next runner-up.
  • Unique OFF: Disables the preceding option.
  • Min Players: Select this option to specify what the minimum number of players playing a game must be in order for the arbitrary cash prize to be paid. Defaults to 2, we do not recommend setting it to 1, as players can play the game quickly and without challenge by themselves and still earn money.
  • One Game: Select this option in order to restrict the prize server to giving prizes out for a single game, specified by supplying the game's Gaming.SL license key. To get the license key for your game, simply touch the Gaming.SL logo on your game and choose the G.SL Info button.
  • All Games: This turns off the preceding option.


The scripts in the prize server can be copied into any other object if you wish to customize the appearance.


As of the writing of this, it is a violation of the Second Life Terms of Service for the prize server to award prizes of any value (L$ or objects otherwise considered to have value) to game winners if the winner of that game had to pay a 'consideration' (pay-to-play fee) to the game in order to participate. Novelty objects or other prizes of little or no value may be given to players as prizes LEGALLY if consideration was taken. If no consideration is taken (free to play) your prize server may do whatever you wish. K.R. Engineering can not be held liable if you choose to use it in a way that violates this policy.

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