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Select the product that you need help or information regarding. If the product you are looking for is not on this page, please contact us for assistance. See the Store Policies page for contact information.

For quick answers to most problems, select 'Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)' from the table of contents after choosing your product.


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  • Second Life - All K.R. Engineering products exist exclusively on the Second Life platform from Linden Lab.
  • Store Policies - Detailed information about our store policies, including refunds, exchanges, and other support issues.
  • Skill Gaming - Linden Lab has announced a new policy change targeting games! Read this to find out whether you are in compliance.
  • Materials - A new change to Addon Themes that is not backwards compatible! Read this if you are having trouble using a theme you have previously used.
  • End of Life - If you have a very old version of a K.R. Engineering product, this may be important information for you!
  • Piracy in Second Life - A brief overview of digital piracy in Second Life, including what is and is not considered "copybotting."


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