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K.R. Engineering Store Policies

Last updated on December 3rd, 2014.


  • If you require support for a K.R. Engineering product, please start by checking the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your particular product on our Products page on this Wiki.
  • If your product is not listed or your question is not answered by the FAQ, please email us with a detailed description of your problem at
  • If you require immediate assistance, you can instant message Ariana Kamloops or Karsten Rutledge in Second Life.
    • If we're not online, your message will be automatically forwarded to our email anyway, even if our IMs are capped. You will likely receive a reply from us even if we're offline, as Second Life gives us the option to reply to forwarded messages from our email.
  • Notecards are not accepted for support issues. IM or email only.


  • If a product you have purchased from K.R. Engineering is not working as it should, please contact us and we will look into it. Many of our products contain very complicated scripting, and sometimes bugs go unnoticed by us when we do our internal testing. If you believe you have found a bug, we will investigate and fix it ASAP when it is brought to our attention. If you know of a bug that has gone un-fixed for an extended period of time, it is probably because nobody has mentioned it to us, and we aren't aware that it exists.

Bug Bounties

If you think you've found a bug in a K.R. Engineering game, you could earn a bounty by reporting it! Follow these steps to report the bug and you could earn an L$500 gift card good towards anything at K.R. Engineering! All of the criteria below must be met before you are awarded a bounty on your bug.

  1. The game with the bug must be a Gaming.SL compatible game (have the Gaming.SL logo present on the game itself).
    • If you find a bug in something other than a game, you can still report it. For example, if you find a bug in an accessory such as a scorekeeper or a prize server, you can report which game you were using it with when you encountered the bug, as long as the game you are using it with meets the above criteria.
  2. Verify that the bug exists on the latest version of the game. Click here to find the latest version numbers for all Gaming.SL games.
  3. Verify that the problem you are reporting is actually a bug. Not everything is a bug! It is at our discretion whether to award a bug bounty or not. There are some pretty common-sense things that will not earn you a bounty.
    • If you find a typo in the game documentation, website or the game itself, we would love to hear about it so we can correct it, but a typo is not a bug.
    • If the game behaves in a way that you think it should not, it is not necessarily a bug.
      • For example, a customer was once very cross with us because Spades progressed counter-clockwise around the table, instead of clockwise. This is not a bug, it is a design decision that you disagree with, and will not earn you a bounty.
      • Another example is that for a long time, Greedy Greedy did not allow four-of-a-kind plus two-of-a-kind (e.g. 222244) to count as three pairs when scoring. This was later added as an optional house rule, but it is not a bug, it was an intentional part of the scoring system.
      • Sometimes there are bugs that we are not able to fix because they are problems with Second Life as a whole, not with our products. One example of this is that older versions of our games sometimes display ??? in place of player names. This is a problem with Second Life giving our games bad information, not our games working incorrectly. We worked around this by reverting to old style names if we detect Second Life giving us bad information, but this is not a bug with our games.
    • Fundamentally, a bug is any feature that does not work as intended, rather than a feature that does not work as desired. You are always welcome to discuss how something works with us and offer suggestions for things like optional house rules, but there is no bounty for suggesting new functionality, only for reporting broken existing functionality. If you're not sure whether something is really a bug or not, feel free to report it anyway, and we'll follow up with you.
  4. Send an email to or instant message to Karsten Rutledge about the bug. Do not send a notecard.
    • Obviously, you must tell us the game that has the bug.
    • You must also tell us how you found the bug, and what it does. If we are not able to reproduce the same bug with the same results on a table of the same version, then we can't fix the bug, and you won't get credit for it. You should tell us things like:
      • What options were enabled on your table?
      • What steps did you take to get the bug to happen (e.g. "I clicked roll, and then clicked the second dice, and then I played Sweet Home Alabama on my banjo for my pet rhesus monkey, and then I clicked roll again...")
      • What happened, versus what you expected to happen.
  5. If it turns out to be a new bug that we were previously unaware of, and we can reproduce it, then we will fix it and you will get a free L$500 gift card!
    • All of our games use common core components. For example, the script that connects the game to the Gaming.SL website is identical in all of our games. If a bug is found in this script, for example, then it is considered discovered for all games that share that identical script. You cannot report a bug as new by reporting the same bug for each game it effects, since it is the same bug and has the same effect for all of them.

Returns and Refunds

  • I do not offer refunds on purchased items EXCEPT in the case of duplicate purchases. A duplicate purchase is defined as accidentally purchasing the same product twice or more times simultaneously. This can occur because of server or viewer glitches at the time of purchase.
    • Items that are no-transfer are impossible to return in Second Life.
    • All items are accurately represented visually on their vendor or via display models.
    • Items that have scripted functionality (e.g. games) dispense detailed information notecards by touching their vendors and are available in the store to play with before purchase, so you know exactly what you are getting before you buy.
  • If you are leaving Second Life, please see the After Second Life section below for more information.


  • Exchanges may be done for equivalent items (e.g. a game for a game) if you purchased the wrong product by mistake and it is a transferable item. You will be required to pay the difference in price between the item you purchased and the item you wanted, if any. Likewise, if the item you purchased was more than the item you wanted, you will be issued a partial refund after the exchange. This must be done within a week after purchase of the original item.
  • Exchanges for different models of an item (such as a Pocket game versus a Table game) may only be exchanged if your preferred model didn't exist at the time you bought it, or if it has been within a week of purchase of the original item.


  • Alts (alternate accounts) are not eligible to receive copies of any product based on their main account having purchased it before, as Linden Lab does not give us the ability to verify that two accounts actually are connected in any way. This includes the case of the purchasing account being banned by Linden Lab, this is unfortunate regardless of the reasons, but the same problem applies.
  • Items 'lost' due to problems with Second Life are beyond my control, but may be replaced at my discretion if the product was purchased directly from me (not purchased second-hand) so that I can verify the original purchase transaction.
  • Items mangled/damaged by Second Life are likewise beyond my control, but will be replaced upon return of the damaged item.
  • Purchasing a new replacement for a missing/damaged product and then requesting a refund for it based on the premise that it is a replacement is against store policy. The new item will be treated as a separate purchase and we will operate under the assumption that you now own two (or more) distinct products, one which is missing/damaged and one that isn't. You may still qualify for a replacement of the original missing/damaged item, but the new item that you purchased does not qualify for a refund on that basis. Example:
    1. You buy a product from our store.
    2. It gets lost, or damaged. So you immediately buy a replacement, and then request a refund of the replacement's price.
    3. This refund request is not valid, and you will instead get a replacement of the original lost/broken item.
    4. You now have two of original item.


  • All K.R. Engineering products are eligible for free upgrades for the life of the product. The life of the product is necessarily limited by the existence of Second Life. If Second Life ever shuts down, I am not responsible for the loss of products purchased from K.R. Engineering.
  • Before updating items, you should check the ChangeLog of that item on this wiki by going to the Products page. The ChangeLogs detail all changes made to the item between versions. Items are subject to both appearance and feature changes when updated, often necessitated by changes to Second Life by Linden Lab. By updating you agree to those changes automatically, whether you have read the ChangeLog or not.
  • If you are unhappy with an updated version of a product, please contact our support email at the top of this page. We try to avoid downgrading products, as you will be terminating your upgrade path by staying with an older product, but it may be an option if you cannot use the new version for whatever reason.


  • There is a Bulk Vendor in the store that will offer discounts of up to 25% off for purchasing more than a single game simultaneously.
    • Retro-active bulk discounts may be given for games purchased on the same day if for some reason you were unable to use the bulk vendor.
  • Additional discounts are not available at this time. If you feel that you should be eligible for special pricing, please contact us, and have a good reason ready.
    • "Because I don't want to pay that much" is not a good reason.

Support Through Other People

This seems to confuse a lot of people, so I've decided to add this to the official policies in an attempt to clarify:

  • We can NOT offer support to anyone through a third party, be they friend, family, spouse, partner, slave, master, or whatever else. There are several reasons for this.
    • This includes ALT or ALTERNATE accounts, as we have no means of verifying whether two or more accounts are owned by the same person. Any two accounts will be treated as different people.
    • Reason #1: To properly support most problems, we must have you follow a set of diagnostic procedures or access information that requires the use of the account that actually has the problem.
    • Reason #2: (Probably the most important reason.) We can not verify that you have authority to speak on the other person's behalf, or that you've given someone else that authority.
    • Reason #3: Information gets lost or twisted in translation. Ever play the Telephone Game? We'd rather have as few chances for information to be corrupted as possible.
  • If special allowances are needed because someone is not able to speak on their own behalf for whatever reason then we will work as best as we can to accommodate these needs, but at the very least we will need permission from the owner of the account with the problem to resolve it through you as a third party.

After Second Life

  • Linden Lab has recently announced they are building a successor to Second Life, currently only known as "Second Life 2." This new Second Life is scheduled to begin beta testing in 2015, and release publicly in 2016. The current version of Second Life will continue to operate alongside the new one, but at some point it is natural for the old Second Life to gradually fade away as the new Second Life takes over. Exactly when and how this will happen is yet to be determined, and Linden Lab themselves probably do not know exactly. However, when the new Second Life is ready, I will provide a migration option for people who want to move their games from the old Second Life to the new Second Life. More details about this migration program will be available as we learn more about how the new world will operate.
  • I will not "buy back" any products if you decide to simply leave Second Life for any reason, including moving to an OpenSim grid. The migration option will only be available for moving to the new Second Life when it is ready.