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License Transfer FAQ

My new mesh tables have copy/no-trans permissions, and my game license is data in the cloud. Is transferring games between accounts still possible?

Yes, it is still possible to transfer your game license to a different account. The process is a little more complicated, however, and each game license can only be transferred one time by the original owner.

Licenses can only be transferred one time, and by the original owner? Does that mean the recipient can't send the game back to me?

Correct. If you transfer your license to a different account, you should consider it a permanent transfer. In certain cases, we may review the license transfer limit and elect to raise it. If you feel that your individual circumstances warrant an increase in the transfer limit, please contact VelvetPurrsons for more information.

That's really going to cramp my gaming style. I used to trade my table between my alts/friends/family all the time!

We realize that this represents a major shift in the way some customers have used our products, and apologize for any frustration caused. However, our policy has always been that one purchase equals one game. When our prim tables were on the market, this policy was represented by the fact that one purchase entitled the customer to one no-copy game table; in the interests of flexibility, we elected to make those tables transferrable. Over the years, this decision has resulted in many customer service issues. In order to reduce confusion, and to enforce our pre-existing policy, we have chosen to limit the number of license transfers under the new system. You can learn more about game licenses here.

How do I transfer my game license to another user?

This is a multi-step process, but not nearly as difficult as it may first appear. You just need to follow the steps below.

  • Rez out a copy of your table. Click and hold on it in order to bring up the rezzer menu.
  • In that menu, click the button that says "Games." Select the game that you want to transfer.
  • When that game is finished loading on your table, you should see a logo that says "Gaming.SL" or "Gaming(in)SL." Click that, and another menu will appear.
  • In that menu, click the button that says "G.SL Info." In local chat, you will receive a block of text that looks like this:
  [10:34] Greedy Greedy Game v3.0.7 whispers: Gaming.SL:
  ID: Greedy Greedy (1)
  API: v2.0
  Game: Standard v3.0.7
  License: 256g54bs-b39v-45g7-s840-9gd75nc7bf3n (Note: This is a fake key generated for example purposes only.)
  • Copy the long alphanumeric code that appears after the word "License." (So in our example, you would copy 256g54bs-b39v-45g7-s840-9gd75nc7bf3n.)
  • Another menu with a text box will appear. Paste the key you copied from your game into this text box. Make sure you don't add any additional information, like spaces or punctuation. Click the button that says Submit.
  • A second menu with a text box will appear. Enter the username, legacy name, or UUID/URI of the account you want to transfer the license to. (Note: You can find the UUID/URI of your intended recipient by bringing up their profile in-world and clicking the button that says "copy UUID/URI" located beneath their name.)
  • If all goes according to plan, you will receive a final menu pop-up noting that your game license has been transferred to the other person.

Awesome. How will the other person know they've received the game?

When the other person receives the game license, it will be as if they had purchased it themselves. If they've never owned one of our mesh products before, they will receive a copy of the Classic mesh table that they can use to access their new game license. If they already own one of our mesh products, they will not receive any boxes or notifications. Instead, if they access their game menu through their mesh table, they should see the new game license listed among their games. If they already have a table rezzed out, they may have to click and hold on their table, select "Games," and select "Refresh."

Help! I have more questions!

You can contact VelvetPurrsons with those! She will be happy to help.