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Migration FAQ

What does migration mean? Why am I doing this?

In order to offer a better gaming experience, we recently made several major changes to the way K.R. Engineering game systems operate. In order to update your older games, receive redelivery of an older game, or use the new mesh themes, you will need to migrate to the new system.

In brief, the changes we made are:

  • Instead of standard prims, our game systems (also sometimes referred to as “game tables” or themes) are now made of mesh. This offers several benefits, such as less land impact.
  • Previously our game systems were no-copy/trans, meaning that there was the possibility that residents could lose track of them. We also could not offer automated redelivery. Now our game systems have copy/no-trans permissions, and you can get redelivery at any time. You can also rez as many copies of your game system as you like.
  • Since the game systems now have copy permissions, the games themselves are referred to as licenses. Just like one game table used to equal one no-copy/transfer game, one license now equals one game. With a single license, you can play that game on one game system at a time, even if you have multiple game systems rezzed. If you have more than one license, you can play more than one game at a time. Click here to learn more about game licenses.
  • Because of the changes to the license system, you can now play any game license you own on any game system you have rezzed. You do not need to rez a separate table for each game.
  • One of the drawbacks of mesh is that it cannot be programmed to change shape the way standard prims could. This means that each theme is now its own object. You no longer access themes through your table, but rez them out individually. Each themed game system can play any game license that you own.

Sounds good! How do I migrate?

Just head on over to the store. On the wall by the door, there are several buttons shaped like gears. Click the one that says Migrate, and then click on the link that it provides you. (This link is generated just for you, so you will have to go to the store to receive it.)

This link will take you to a page that explains a bit more about the mesh and licensing system changes. Review that information, and then change the purple drop-down menus to indicate that you agree to the changes. Click the button on the bottom of the page once you are done.

Once you migrate, your old prim tables will self-destruct and no longer be usable. Your games will be converted into licenses (so if you had a Greedy Greedy table, you will now have a Greedy Greedy license). Your old prim games may not self-destruct immediately if they are rezzed at the time you migrate, but they will the next time they need to check in with our game servers.

You will receive packages containing three mesh game systems — Classic, Postmodern, and Pocket. If you own any additional themes, you will also receive packages containing updated mesh versions. If you had a Pocket version of a previous game, you will be able to play that game on the new mesh Pocket game system. Classic is the classic wooden table.

After you migrate, the redelivery button in-store will also begin to work. You can request an automatic redelivery of your themes at any time, including the Classic table.

Okay, but I have additional questions.

You can IM VelvetPurrsons with those! Here are some of the most common questions we receive regarding migration, though:

I lost my table, and I have no idea where it is -- can I still migrate?

You do not need to have physical possession of your old prim table in order to migrate it to the new mesh system. So long as your table has been recognized by our servers as belonging to you at some point, our system will "know" that you should have the table, and migration will work. If your table is very old, or has never communicated with our servers for some reason (for example, you never rezzed it out), then you may run into problems. In that case, you can contact VelvetPurrsons for help.

I migrated, and now some of my themes are missing!

We haven’t finished recreating all of the old themes in mesh for the new system. This is an ongoing project, and we apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as a sculpty theme you owned for the old system is available in mesh, you’ll be able to request a free updated copy. Join the customer group for updates about new releases. In the meantime, if you owned any sculpty add-on themes prior to migration, you will receive a Legacy rezzer that will allow you to use those with your new licenses.

IWhoa, I migrated and my old prim table disappeared. Where's my game?

As noted above, your old prim tables will self-destruct after you successfully migrate to the new system. In order to play your games (now in the form of licenses), you will need to unpack and rez one of the mesh themes that were sent to you, and follow the directions on the tabletop.

Where is my license?

You will not receive a physical copy of your license. Your license is essentially data in the cloud. After migrating, you will NOT receive an updated package or folder for each game you own. You will receive packages containing updates for any themes that you own, as well as three free themes (Classic, Postmodern, and Pocket). You will be able to play any game you own on any of these game systems.

Where is my game table?

A copy of the Classic wooden game table will be sent to you. The version labeled “4p” has seats for four players. The version labeled “8p” has seats for eight.

How do I play my game?

Generally, clicking and HOLDING on the table is the place to start. Here are the instructions to get started playing Greedy Greedy, for example.

Help! I picked up my table and now the game itself is floating in space and EVERYTHING IS BROKEN!

Don’t worry! Each mesh game system now acts as a rezzer, meaning that it can rez any game that you own. This means that the mesh tables ARE composed of two objects – the table itself (or base theme), and the game rezzer. If you have an active game going, and you pick up, move, or delete the table, you will disconnect the table and rezzer. The best solution in this case is to delete the remaining objects and rez out a fresh copy of your game system (theme or table) from your inventory. The way to AVOID this issue is to shut down your game before moving or deleting the table. To shut down your game, click and hold on the table, select Games in the menu that appears, and then select None. Additionally, as the game systems now have copy permissions, there is no need to pick up your table anymore. If you’re done with it, you can feel free to delete it.