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Neuspa 4x4 ATV

This product was discontinued in 2014 and is no longer available. It is unlikely to return to our store.

Why was it discontinued?

The Neuspa was originally created in 2006. Second Life was a very different world in 2006. There was no mesh, there was no sculpted prims, and the scripting language was substantially more primitive than it is now. What this means is that old objects don't look as good as newer creations and their scripts have substantially higher resource usage to accomplish the same task that a newer script could do much easier. The only way to fix this is to regularly rewrite the scripts to keep them updated, and regularly rebuild the vehicle to match modern standards. This just isn't something that we have the time do currently, as our primary focus is on games. As the Neuspa is not up to the standards of something we feel comfortable selling in our store, it was removed.

Why don't you update it then?

As we mentioned before, it is simply a lack of time. Our primary focus has always been on creating games, not vehicles. Back when the Neuspa was created, we had around 3 games and the Neuspa was created as a side hobby project. Today we have over 25 games. As a result of the popularity of our game systems, we had to discontinue non-gaming products from our store to focus on our core mission.

Can I buy a Neuspa from you anyway?

No. We do not sell the Neuspa in the store or 'under the table.' To do so would be a irresponsible at this stage. The Neuspa has 73 scripts in it which is a HUGE amount of lag to put on any sim for a single vehicle. For comparison, that's the equivalent of having 6 of our games going at the same time.

The Neuspa is very old, very ugly, and it's a massive resource hog. Nobody should be using this vehicle anymore. I'm sure there must be many fun, modern vehicles in Second Life to enjoy from talented creators whose focus is vehicles, and you should buy from them instead.