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K.R. Engineering Store Reward Points

How do I earn reward points?

Reward Points are earned automatically when purchasing from any K.R. Engineering vendor in our store. This includes games, game themes, and game addons.

Reward Points are NOT earned from Marketplace purchases or from guest vendors.

How many rewards points are earned on each purchase?

The standard amount earned from store vendors is 10% of the amount paid into the vendor. This is not the same thing as 10% of the price of the item.

For example:

  • You purchase Greedy Greedy for L$1995 by paying the vendor L$1995. You will receive L$199 in reward points.
  • You purchase Greedy Greedy for L$1995, but you use an L$500 gift card and then pay the difference of L$1495. You will only receive L$149 in reward points.

Some exceptions may apply: During certain sales or other special events the reward points may be higher or lower.

How do I see how many reward points I have?

To see your current available and lifetime reward points earned, just touch a CREDIT terminal in the store! There is always one near the front door.

Do I have to join your group?

Nope! Reward points are earned on all purchases whether you are in the K.R. Engineering Consumer Group or not.

How do I spend my reward points?

Reward points are in the form of store credit that you get back with each purchase. Store credit can be used to pay for any item in our store (excluding guest vendors and gift cards) either in whole or in part.

To redeem store credit just follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide what item you wish to purchase with store credit.
  2. Touch the vendor. A standard menu should appear in your viewer.
  3. Press the USE CREDIT button on the vendor menu.
  4. Complete your purchase:
    • If the price of the item you are purchasing is less than or equal to the amount of store credit that you have available, then there is nothing else you need to do! The price of the item will be subtracted from your store credit and your purchase will be complete.
    • If the price of the item you are purchasing is MORE than the amount of store credit that you have available, then you will need to pay the difference to the vendor to complete your purchase! For example: You have L$100 store credit, but you are purchasing an item that costs L$199. After pressing USE CREDIT, you will then need to right-click on the vendor and PAY... it L$99 to complete your purchase.
  5. Your purchase will be delivered by our product server immediately.
    • If your purchase is not delivered in a timely manner, please use the REDELIVER terminal in the store near the front door.

Can I transfer store credit to another person?